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30 UNDER 30

                                                       | MARCH 2018   THE DICKINSON PRESS         |

    Remarkable Progress in 2018

       oday we end our 2018                          so many new private and
       Progress Sections                             public endeavors including
  Twhich annually                                    new businesses, churches,
  allow us to focus on the                           schools and government
  many improvements that                             buildings that serve as
  have been made to our                              proof to the pioneering
  communities and the local                          spirit of the folks who call
  people who made them                               the Western Edge home.
  possible.                                            Progress happens only
    No one needs to tell                             when people step up
  anyone of us who call                              and more often than not
  southwestern North                                 without the credit they
  Dakota home of the many       Harvey Brock         deserve. Among those
  challenges our area has                            who seem to go unnoticed
  faced this past year. The      Press Publisher     are those who we focus
  heartbreaking drought     easily made excuses and   on today’s final Progress
  that resulted with so     put needed projects and   section, “30 under 30.”
  many  farmers harvest     dreams to the back burner   When we began 2018
  dreams that became just   and waited for better    Progress we solicited     of individuals who live,   year we at the Press think   all of us and deserve our
  that only dreams as field   times.                 nominations for           work, play, volunteer and   it is important for us not   thanks and admiration.
  after field were not worthy   Remarkable is the only   individuals who are 30   make a difference in the   to take the achievements
  of combining. Ranchers    word that seems to come   years old or younger     communities they call     of these young people as   We encourage you to
  scrambled to find hay     close to describing this   who make a difference   home. These individuals   well as all of the people   take time to thank them
  for livestock as pastures   2018 Progress in spite   in our communities      excel at so many talents   for granted who we have   if your paths cross and
  dried up and meager hay   of the hardships of the   in industry, business,   and accomplishments that   featured these last two   begin thinking of other
  cuttings couldn’t sustain   backbone of Southwest   education, agriculture and   rival those twice their age.   months of Progress 2108.
  their herds. People of    North Dakota’s economy   quality of life. Today, we   Today, as we put       They should at the very   individuals who should be
  lesser stock could have   agriculture.  There were   feature a remarkable list   Progress to bed for another  least be an inspiration to   recognized in 2019.

                                                  2018 HONOREES

                           COMMUNITY                 Juvenile Court Officer                             COMMUNITY                 There’s something new
                           INVOLVEMENT               II, he is responsible for                          INVOLVEMENT               every day. Every day, it’s a
                                                                                                                                  lot of one-on-one contact
                                                     supervision of adolescents
                             Chase is a board director   in some form of probation                        “I’m not anymore, now   with families. It’s nice.
                           for the Western Wellness   as determined by the                              that I’ve graduated from   I’m not stuck in my office.
                           Foundation.               District Court.                                    college, but I used to be   I’m out in the community
                             “The only program we     “I redirect the route they                        president of the student   a lot.”
                           oversee at this point in   are currently on,” he said.                       social work organization at
                           time is the Best Friends                                                     DSU.”                      PROUD OF
                           Mentoring Program,”       ABOUT HIM                                          CAREER PATH                “I’m most proud of
                           he said. “I am on the      Chase works with other                                                      following my dream to
                           Altar Guild with St. John   social service providers,                          “I got to social work   become a licensed social
 CHASE                     Lutheran Church --        is on the same page and  KYLEE                     through a crazy journey.   worker. The moment I
                                                     making sure everyone
                                                                                                                                  decided I wanted to do it
                                                                                                        I started out at beauty
 BREITBACH                 basically we prepare the   is working toward the   BROWN                     school. I’m a licensed    I enrolled in college, got
                           altar for communion and
  Juvenile Court officer II for the   decorate the church for   same goals. He supervises   Social Worker, Stark County Social   cosmetologist. I decided I   done with my bachelor’s
                                                                                                        didn’t like that anymore,
                                                                                                                                  in three years and just
                                                     custody orders or removal
  Southwest Judicial District Juvenile   CAREER PATH  of a child who is in     Services                 so I taught preschool and I  hit the ground running. I
  Court                      Chase graduated from    imminent danger, as      FAMILY                    loved that. I wanted to do   never looked back.”
                                                                                                        more for the community,
                                                     determined by the court.
 FAMILY                    Oakes High School, and    PROUD OF                   A dog, Motley, named    so I decided to pursue my
   Single                  started his college career                         after Motley Crue         license in social work and
                           at  the University of      “My whole life has                                here I am.”
  AGE 28                   Jamestown. He transferred   really been devoted to   AGE 26                  ABOUT HER
 HOBBIES                   to the University of      adolescents who don’t    HOBBIES                     “I’m from Dickinson. I
                                                     have people who are
                           North Dakota, where
   “I like reading, I      he completed his          invested in them. They     “Just spending time with   was born and raised here. I
  like hiking, anything    undergraduate degree      stumble across me, and   my friends and family. My   spent some time living out
  outdoorsy, and I like riding   in criminal justice. He   hopefully, I make some   family recently moved to   in Montana and Colorado,
  my motorcycle.”          is currently working on   impact, and I hope its a   Colorado, so we go up to   and I’m back here, just
                                                                              the mountains quite a bit
                           a master’s degree. As     positive one,” he said.  now.”                     trying to build my career.
                           supporter of the Dickinson  North Dakota. I lived in                          football in the past.    improvement in life and as
                           Catholic School System    Dickinson until 5th grade                                                    a person.”
                           and am a member of the    then my family moved                                CAREER PATH                PROUD OF
                                                                                                          Douthit graduated in
                           North Dakota Optometric   to Bismarck. They are                               December with University
                                                                                                                                    “How I chose my
                           Association.              both equally home to me.                            Studies Degree. Four     career path. I didn’t
                           CAREER PATH               Moving back to Dickinson                            years before he graduated   really know what I was
                                                     after optometry school,
                                                                                                         he was in the education
                                                                                                                                  doing in college at first, I
                             Brucker knew that she   was like returning home.                            program and wanted to    went because most of my
                           wanted to do something    It is fun to see people from                        be an elementary teacher.   friends did. I took a year
                           in the health profession   my childhood and just                              August of 2016 Meyer got   off from school and felt
                           but liked the amount of   familiar faces all around.                          a job at Able part-time   defeated. Then I went back
                                                                                                         and then full-time after
                                                                                                                                  and got a degree and now
 KATRIN                    patient contact time that   I went to NDSU for my                             school was over. He just   I have my career path in
                                                     undergraduate degree then  CHRIS
                           she got in optometry so
                                                                                                         love his job so much and
                                                                                                                                  front of me. I am happy
 BRUCKER                   that’s really what drew   I went to Pacific University   DOUTHIT              the relationships he made   and proud of getting my
                           her to optometry. Brucker
                                                                                                         with the people he works
                                                                                                                                  college degree.”
                                                     College of Optometry in
  Optometrist at Visionary Eye Care  liked the fact you get to   Forest Grove, Oregon.  Assistant Manager and a Direct   with. It changed his mind
                           know your patients and                                                        to realize he wanted to
                                                                                                         work with development of
  FAMILY                   their families. She said   PROUD OF                 Support Professional for Able Inc.  disabilities.
                           she gets to spend a half
                                                       “Definitely my family,
   She and her husband     an hour or more with      coming home at the end of  FAMILY                   ABOUT HIM
  Chad have two children   them each year and no     the day is the best part and   He has a fiance Shelby.  “I was born and raised
  Reeves,2, and Nash,1     other position really gets   that is a lot to say when I   AGE 26             in Dickinson and attended
  AGE 29                   to do that. Then she job   love my job as much as I   HOBBIES                 Dickinson High School. I
                                                                                                         have had the same group
                           shadowed and she loved it!  do. My kids are great, my
  HOBBIES                  She said she loves her job   husband is great and I just   Play sports, be active,   of friends since then and
                                                                                                         we all live here. I am a
   Running and family      and she enjoys going to   feel so satisfied with work   hang out with friends,   pretty calm person and
  time.                    work everyday.            and home life. So I feel   read and recently took up   optimistic about just about
                                                                               guitar lessons.
                                                                                                         anything. I feel like I am
                                                     really fortunate.”
  COMMUNITY                ABOUT HER                                           COMMUNITY                 always in a good mood. I
                             “I was born in
  INVOLVEMENT              Minnesota but I have lived                                                    am always open to trying
                                                                                                         something new like guitar
   She is an active        my whole live in western                            INVOLVEMENT               lessons for example. I
                                                                                 Coached T-ball and flag   think that there is always
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